Does an eighty-year old play? Does a five-year-old meditate? Does a sixteen-year old have wisdom? Does a sixty-year old test him/herself? Do the dying dream? Do the sick laugh? Do the injured make love? What is the price of healing? And what really is healing? Possibly, "Healing" is the commitment and the challenge to breathing, laughing, loving, playing, working, stretching, feeling, thinking - being in the journey?

If the body no longer functions, does the mind stop thinking? If the mind no longer functions, does the body stop moving? Do the old only want to be with the old? Does a dying child stop learning?

"Healing environments" continue the process of exploring and interacting, giving patients the opportunity to continue to create, to continue the questions.

How can we create “healing environments”? With the critical questions the Design Process begins, evidence-based design emerges, and empathic research will begin to define the future of healthcare design.