DESIGN DIAGNOSTICS believes that the first priority is "to do no harm," which includes every aspect of the environment and its relationship to those that interact with it. Creativity is the critical moment between the question and the answer, that chaotic instant when there is an opportunity to design. Although research, information, and knowledge form the basis for construction, exploring the possibilities enables the creative process of design to emerge.

VISION: Environments designed for healing/learning are intimate manifestations of the authenticity of the individual interacting with the forms created for living with dignity. "Healing/learning environments" honor and hold sacred the questions. Designing challenges the form, begins the conversation of communicating care, and plays with the solutions to keep them fluid.

MISSION: A considered designed environment can relieve the anxiety of illness or pain or the stress of acquiring new information if the space offers a choice of diversions, a sense of privacy, access to nature, caring support, and an opportunity to reflect, laugh, love, work, play. Thus "healing/learning environments" empower people. Our mission is to collaboratively respond to the evolving challenge of creating designs that dignify, inspire, and comfort the human spirit.