Design Diagnostics makes every effort to design sustainable interiors within USGBC guidelines (including maintenance of materials) and beyond…"if what we make with our hands is to be sacred and honor the earth that gives us life, then the things we make must not only rise from the ground but return to it, soil to soil, water to water, so everything that is received from the earth can be freely given back without causing harm to any living system. This is ecology. This is good design." (William McDonough)

Research attests to the value of positive sensory interactions to the immune system. "Sight, hearing, touch, smell, themic receptors, kinematic aesthetics; each of the senses makes its own contribution to the perception of space of harmony between living space and environment... what is needed is a human architecture designed, like shoes and clothes, to fit not only the human body, but it's space bubbles as well." (P. Scuri)

Several years ago patients in intensive cardiac units were given baroque music that matched a normal heart rhythm intended to create healing. Only to discover that it was necessary to first match the patient's current heart rate with similar music, then to gradually introduce music to mirror the normal heart rhythm. In a similar way, a design needs to comfort each individual by matching their senses with the creation of a customized "space bubble" - a task achieved through offering a myriad of choices within the environment.